— Интернет торговая площадка для индустрии моды

Портал — торговая площадка для всех, кто продает и покупает одежду, обувь, кожгалантерею, модные аксессуары, текстиль оптом и в розницу в Украине.
На портале представлены товары как украинских производителей, так и мировых брендов. Вы можете совершать как розничные, так и оптовые покупки.
По всем вопросам, связанным с приобретением товаров, контактируйте с компанией-продавцом.

english  is the trade web site for the Ukrainian fashion market. It’s intended for all companies which are selling or are interested in selling clothes, footwear, fashion accessories, textiles at the Ukrainian market.

Many Ukrainian producers placed photos of their clothes, footwear, bags on They can suggest you good quality and competitive prices. You can find short information about Ukrainian companies here:

If your company is a producer of clothes, footwear, fashion accessories or textiles  and you are interested in sales in Ukraine, we invite you to place information about your company and your goods on You can place photos of your goods, prices and inform Ukrainian wholesale companies and fashion industry retailers about sale conditions. You can also place your advertising on the main page of our web site.

We also invite the producers and representatives of world brands of clothes, footwear, fashion accessories, textiles to participate in our advertising magazine «Assortment: Clothes. Footwear. Accessories. Textiles». Magazine distribution is FREE OF CHARGE (at the specialised Ukrainian fashion exhibitions). Magazine circulation – 12 000 copies, periodicity – 2 times a year. We can send you a price for advertisement under your request.

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